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Classes & Pricing

 YOGA by Catherine

Flex n Flow – Vinyasa style sequences, traditional yoga poses for all levels. Movement to wake up your joints, increase flexibility, strength, balance & core stability.

Power Yoga – Enjoy the advantage of increased flexibility, strength balance & core stability add to that an increased pace, making this a cardio challenging class. All levels, you make this as challenging as you want. 

Props – Fun filled class for all levels, every Yoga pose can incorporate some prop, whether that’s for extra stability, create more of a challenge or just plain have fun with props. Especially good for those with limited movement.

Restorative – A moment for complete relaxation, rewarded yourself, drop with ease into each pose allowing a place for deep contentment. This is what yoga is all about, after all: stilling our fidgety bodies and calming our rambling minds so that we may rest quietly in the present moment and see clearly the peace that resides within. Bring your own blankets, pillows, eye masks to enhance your experience.

Pre-natal and post pregnancy Yoga

Mom N Tot Yoga

Yoga 12 class pass = $120

Monthly Unlimited =$60

Drop-in = $15


Baby Wearing Ballet

Come joint us for this no experience necessary babywearing class. Learn simple ballet exercises that strengthen your core and build stamina while being gentle enough for your little one. Each class combines a variety of ballet movement and stretches taught by a Royal Academy of Dance certified instructor. Perfect for mothers looking to regain strength lost during pregnancy and for anyone looking to get the most out of exercising wit baby—Tues 2pm  and Saturdays 2pm--Julia

Parents and tots fitness--

Bring your little ones for this 45 minutes movement class for all levels and abilities- Julia

Saturdays 3:15pm ( 45 mins)



Spinal Flexibility Movement Class

Explore gentle movements and breath  to increase flexibility and awareness of your bodies including tension patterns and painful symptoms. Useful for people with limited mobility, poor posture and spinal issues. Or anyone wanting to increase their flexibility and improve their posture and overall spinal health.

$5/ 30 min class


Breath For Health- SRI Class

This workshop will teach you strategies for breathing into different regions of your body to release tension and stress. Dr Sutherland has been practicing NSA/ SRI :a gentle healing chiropractic and breathing combination for 15 years and has taught numerous people to assist in their healing with this powerful method.

In this workshop, we will learn the basic positions and stages.

Bring a mat, wear loose comfortable clothing, limited jewellery and water.

You will be laying on your back on a mat/ blanket for parts of this workshop.

30 minutes

Investment $5


During an Alive Kids Yoga Class, children will be taken on an exciting adventure while learning balance and strength with yoga poses, discovering breath with meditation and positive affirmations through music. All they need to bring is a smile. Ages 4-7

Wed’s @ 4pm, Sat @ 11:30am (45min classes) 4 clases for $50 8 class for $80, $15 drop in.


INSANITY Fit Challenge Class

A popular blend of P90X, INSANITY and other BeachbodyTM Programs. This program is a 5 times a week commitment run by Instructor Gustavo-Please call for rates