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Class Description:   

Flex n Flow – Vinyasa style sequences, traditional yoga poses for all
levels. Movement to wake up your joints, increase flexibility, strength,
balance & core stability.

Power – Enjoy the advantage of increased flexibility, strength
balance & core stability add to that an increased pace, making this a
cardio challenging class. All levels, you make this as challenging as you

Mondays 6:30-7:30

Props – Fun filled class for all levels, every Yoga pose can incorporate
some prop, whether that’s for extra stability, create more of a challenge
or just plain have fun with props. Especially good for those with limited

Restorative – A moment for complete relaxation, rewarded yourself,
drop with ease into each pose allowing a place for deep contentment.
This is what yoga is all about, after all: stilling our fidgety bodies and
calming our rambling minds so that we may rest quietly in the present
moment and see clearly the peace that resides within. Bring your own
blankets, pillows, eye masks to enhance your experience.

Mom n Tot Yoga/PreNatal/Post Partum

Time for mom and baby to relax, enjoy some gentle stretching, yoga massage for baby.

Babies  & Children learning by example to be healthy and Just Breathe!! 

Drop In Classes - $15 per class
Frequent Just Breathe Card - Buy 10 Get 2 Free $120
(savings of $60)

One on One Private Class - $25 per hour
Private Group Session- ask for pricing

Catherine Bowles RYT – Yoga Instructor

Catherine has a classically trained background with over 15yrs
experience in dance. After many years of enjoying fitness in general she
decided to extend that love of dance/fitness and a general healthy
lifestyle to Yoga. After taking many courses with YogaFit Canada she
has been a certified instructor for 2yrs and has since completed her
200RYT hours with YogaFit Canada she continues on her quest for
more knowledge taking many courses to broaden the scope of how she
can not only teach but learn true balance in her daily life.

Remember to listen to your body, stay present and Breathe!


Chair Yoga(for anyone with limited mobility)

Enjoy all the benefits of yoga without having to get down to a mat!  If you have always been curious about yoga, but thought you could never get down and up from a mat, then this class is for you.  Experience everything yoga has to offer, including reduced anxiety,  calmer breathing, improved flexibility and balance, stress reduction and relaxation, without ever having to leave your chair!  This class will include guided meditation, gentle movements, and breathing exercises to calm the mind. 

$48 + HST for 4 weeks/ $15 + HST drop-in

Emanuela Hall-- Yoga, Dance, Drama instructor

Emanuela is passionate about helping people feel younger, healthier, more at ease, and more full of life through the use of drama, music, and movement arts.  As director of Creative Wellness with Emanuela, she facilitates yoga and performing arts workshops to young and older adults alike.  Emanuela has spent over 5 years working at an Assisted Living and Long-term Care Facility where she developed various creative programs including: Drama and Glee Club.  

Emanuela is a Canadian Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Instructor who completed her 200 hour Teacher Training in Brazil at Global Yoga Shala.  She specializes in Chair, Restorative, and YinYang styles of yoga.   Emanuela is also a Level 3 Therapeutic Touch practitioner.  She attended The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City, and obtained her BFA in Musical Theatre at the New School University.